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Residential Sheds and Garages

At Pocono Barns & Sheds, we are the company of choice in Brodheadsville, PA when it comes to sheds and garages. Read on to learn more about how we can help you maximize your residential space!


Let Us Help Solve Your Storage Woes!
Do you need extra space to store your belongings? Give us a call right away! We have a wide variety of sheds that come in different stock designs. Additionally, we carry custom models that can be personalized to meet your specific storage needs.

We offer Amish made sheds that are built with 2x4 construction, complete with 16” on center flooring. We also offer many warranties on the siding and roofing choices.

Delivery and Order Details
We only charge for deliveries that are beyond 30 miles of our location. You can order our sheds pre-assembled or built on-site. We also offer shed moving services!

Are you planning to buy a shed on Craigslist or from a private seller and need to have it moved? Contact us today for a no-obligation quote!

Shed Types:

*Mini barns have 1 window with no shutters.

8x10 Sheds and Above Include:

  • 2 Windows With Shutters
  • Architectural Shingles
  • Diamond Plate
  • Double Doors
  • Free Delivery
  • Pressure-Treated 2x4 Floor Joists
  • Roof Sheathing With Silver Lining
  • Smart Floor
  • Smart Tec Wood Siding
  • Tech-Shield Walls For Vinyl

Our sheds are available in various colors and design options.


Personalize Your Garage and Make It Your Dream Space
We offer garages in various sizes, doors, and windows, allowing you to make it your own and match it to just about any feature of your home!

You can also select from any of the available upgrades we provide, including doors, windows, venting, cupolas, weather vanes, and sidings. Our specializations include faux stone, stucco, cedar shake, German siding, as well as board and batten.

In addition, we assist with single and double two story garages. Furthermore, we can help you if you need a loft or office space above your new garage.

Turn to us today and choose the type of garage that suits your needs. Whether you need extra room for your car or want to have additional workshop space, we have you covered! Contact us today to discuss your options.

Garage Types:

  • A-Frame
  • High Barn
  • Garden
  • Double-Car Garages
  • Single Two Story Garages
  • Double Two Story Garages

Garage Features:

  • 8-Foot Heavy Duty Car Ramp
  • 8-Inch On Center Flooring
  • Entrance Doors and Window
  • Pressure-Treated Joists
  • Standard With 9x7 Garage Door

Double Prebuilt Garages Include:

  • 10’ Roll Vent
  • 12” Overhang Above Garage Doors
  • 2 9x7 Garage Doors (Non-Insulated)
  • 2x6 Rafters Reinforced With Hurricane Straps
  • 3 Large Windows With Shutters
  • 3/4” Smart Flooring
  • 8” On Center Pressure-Treated Flooring
  • Architectural Shingles
  • Diamond Plate
  • Single Access Door

Two Story, One Car Garages Include:

  • 30-Year Architectural Shingles With Felt Paper
  • 32” Split Staircase
  • 4 30x36 Vinyl Insulated Windows With Shutters
  • 8” Floor Joists on Center
  • Diamond Plate
  • 9x7 Solid Insulated Overhead Door
  • Setup and Delivery
  • Single Pre-Hung Entry Door
  • Tech Shield Radiant Heat Barrier

Garden-Type Garages Have 9’-High Sidewalls and 10/12 Roof Pitch

Gambrel-Style Garages Have 8’-High Sidewalls and Pressure-Treated Floor Joists

Two Story, Double Wide Garages Include:

  • 2 9x7 Solid Insulated Garage Doors
  • 3/4 Smart Floor
  • 32” Split or Straight Staircase
  • 5 30x36 Vinyl Insulated Windows With Shutters
  • 8” Floor Joists on Center
  • Architectural Shingles and Felt Paper
  • Diamond Plates
  • Setup and Delivery on Your Property
  • Single Pre-Hung Solid Entry Door

Garden-Type Garages Have 10’-High Sidewalls and 7/12 Roof Pitch

Gambrel-Style Garages Have 8’-High Sidewalls

All Garages Include:

  • 8” Flooring on Center With 2x4 Pressure-Treated Floor Joists and 3/4 Smart Floor
  • 8” Heavy Duty Car Ramp (6” and 3” Diamond Plates)
  • Architectural Shingle (Choice of Shingle and Shed Color)
  • Single-Access Door and 2 Windows With Shutters
  • 9x7 Solid Garage Door (Non-Insulated)

A-Frame Garages Have a 12” Overhang Over the Garage Door

Two-door car garage
Rustic garden shed
High barn with stained wood
2-storey residential garage

A Step-by-Step Process in Planning Your Dream Space:

  1. Identify the Primary Use of Your Building: Practical storage space or something more elaborate?
  2. Select the Style: Something to match the design of your home or a style that matches your personal tastes?
  3. Choose the Size: Make sure it’s big enough to grow into – a common customer regret is choosing too small of a size.
  4. Select the Layout for Doors and Windows: Extra windows for more light? Double doors for additional access? You decide.
  5. Choosing the Siding Style: Maintenance-free vinyl? Rustic cedar? It’s up to you.
  6. Select Options and Upgrades: Shelving for organization? This is where you truly make the space yours.
  7. Color Selection: Practical? Traditional? Whimsical? The siding and trim color selection is your call.
  8. Choose the Roof Type: Top it off with what you like best.
  9. Select Delivery Type: Will your building be delivered assembled or as a kit to be built on-site?

Feel free to give us a call at 570-992-3559 or visit our showroom today. We are always happy to help!